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The Narrated Campaign Video
In this four-minute video, we will write a custom script for your church describing its current challenges and how the campaign will answer those challenges. Professional narration coupled with still photos (supplied by your church), and music that fits your style, this video is an affordable option to effectively communicate to your congregation the purpose of the campaign. Moreover, this video will inspire your members to get involved with the campaign at all levels.

Six-Minute Campaign Video (one day of filming)
This affordable video utilizes both testimonial interviews shot on location and professional narration to cast the vision of the campaign to the congregation. In one day of filming we will interview four people and shoot Sunday morning services. Additionally, we will use any historical photos you may have to help tell your story.

Six-Minute Campaign Video (two days of filming)
This video is great for churches that want more of their members (8) to drive the message and cast the vision as well as more Sunday activities captured on video. In two days of filming we will interview eight people on to capture the heart of who you are as a church and shoot Sunday services and all morning activities to complement the video’s message.

Eight-Minute Campaign Video
This eight-minute video is great for bigger campaigns that have more information to convey to your members. During two days of filming we will interview ten people to cover a broad range of topics including history, growth, challenges, the campaign, sacrificial giving and prayer just to name a few. We will shoot Sunday services and all morning activities to illustrate how your church serves and ministers to its congregation.

Newcomer's Video
Add this great value to either the six-minute or eight-minute videos to have available to hand out for years to come. This video, produced just like the above videos, gives newcomers an informational four-minute video to take home and learn more about your church.

Additional Videos per finished minute (2 minute minimum)
Need more than one video? Additional videos can be coupled with the campaign videos for more impact and message reinforcement. For example, churches often use a kick-off video at the beginning of the campaign to generate excitement. The main campaign video is then shown near the conclusion of the campaign as a call-to-action.

*Note: Houston area churches call for information on additional discounts.

Experience Quality

Experience the professional broadcast quality equipment Medius utilizes. We will bring all of our resources (broadcast camera package, lighting kit and audio gear, as well as our technical expertise and exceptional people skills) to your church and produce videos that go beyond what you imagine is possible. Our experience with high-end equipment in broadcast television and corporate communications result in videos that keep viewers watching and listening to the story. We demand the best quality and our clients deserve the same.

Our Process

  • Client Gets Familiar with Video Options – One video or multiple videos, whatever fits your communication effort.
  • Client determines their Video Package – Client talks with producer to design a package that best fits the communication strategy
  • Producer contacts Client for pre-production planning – Director/Producer and Church Client discuss/confirm goals & objectives, and particular needs (and/or Extra Production Considerations), and discuss the Shoot Info/ Questionnaire Sheets.
  • Two-man production crew, Travel and Shoot – On location shoot is 1 or 2 days.
  • Initial Script is Written and Sent to Client – Using sound bites from the interviews, a script is created.
  • Script is Reviewed by Client – Changes/approval of Script are given by client.
  • Final Script is Sent and Approved – Modified Script is confirmed and approved.
  • Editing Process Begins – Script and tapes are given to editor
  • Producer Proofing – Our producer will make any necessary adjustments / additions to prepare for client viewing.
  • 1st Client Proofing – The video will be placed on our FTP Site or on VHS tape (based on pre-approved script) for the church to approve.
  • Producer Proofing – Our producer will make any necessary adjustments / additions to prepare for final client viewing.
  • Final Client Proofing – The final video will be placed on our FTP Site or on VHS for the church to approve.
  • Final Output to media of client’s choice – Betacam SP, mini DV, DVD or VHS.

Adobe Acrobat .pdf files are used for all printable downloads.
Windows Media Player files are used for all video clips.