The Medius team has over 55 years of combined experience in television and video production. We apply that experience to church capital stewardship campaigns to create powerful video messages that significantly impact a congregation. Our videos bring to life the purpose and goals of a campaign, and emotionally wrap a church around them.

Medius team members are frequently involved in high profile broadcast television projects throughout the country and around the world. We know the power of video and how to use it to effectively communicate a message. The key to an effective video is powerful storytelling through pictures and sound. Medius utilizes its team’s broad and varied experience to tell effective stories.

As computer based video editing becomes more and more affordable, there is a growing temptation to produce videos “in-house.” Unfortunately, many who go down this road discover they lack the professional skills and knowledge required to effectively utilize this emerging technology. Even some of our competitors fall into that category, assigning video productions to untrained, inexperienced staff. The results can be seen in the videos that rely on flashy effects the software provides, but lack the foundation of good shooting and storytelling. These videos may look wonderful, but their impact is over when the video is over. With solid shooting, beautiful lighting, professional writing and creative editing, Medius communicates your Church campaign goals with a clarity and impact that will make a lasting impression.

A Medius script is never written before a shoot. Sound bites from interviews are the key to videos done by Medius. In the interview process we professionally light pastors, church leaders and church members, in the very same way that we light people like Diane Sawyer, Peter Jennings and George Bush for our national news program clients. An experienced interviewer using well designed questions draws testimony out of the speakers to reveal the needs of the church, their passion for God’s work and their dreams for the Church’s future. They are the best conveyors of the message we want to communicate. There is great power when a congregation sees their leaders and peers on camera, in the best possible lighting, talking about the campaign and the church they so love. We have observed congregations connect much more to the campaign this way than by hearing a narrator, an unknown voice, narrating the needs of the church.

Adobe Acrobat .pdf files are used for all printable downloads.
Windows Media Player files are used for all video clips.